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55972800 22:19:24.55 Identifier: 65bf5a8739d9a84b9f15eb4d1a37aae9f37d939af97ee6da78765e5f063fe7c6cBeginner: No (0) Intermediate: No (0) Advanced: No (0) A bunch of future prediction puzzles - avar ====== jrockway To answer the current puzzle: _Where does Google Glass go?_ It's a really interesting question. Google Glass is still a prototype product that is available to only a small number of people. It will eventually evolve... maybe? In any case, you can be reasonably sure that it won't go anywhere that there isn't a Google booth at this year's consumer electronics show. And there is absolutely _no way_ that it will appear on a box of Kia or some other car manufacturer. They are not interested in being a part of the Google Glass ecosystem. Why should they? It's about as useful as car stereos that add cassette players to your car. It is possible that Google Glass will appear on _some_ other device, like a necklace or a pair of sunglasses. It is also possible that it will never appear at all, and Google Glass will become a niche product. I think that is a good thing. It means Google can spend their time making Android better, not making some gadget that will sell a few thousand units. That's how they have made their money in the past. ~~~ avar Nice answer, but not the correct one. Google Glass will go into production, it's too early to tell whether it will be a success or not, but there's a good chance it'll be a success at least on a small scale. It will just have to see whether or not the ecosystem around it delivers enough value. I agree with your answer to the second question, and I don't think it will appear on something that isn't a car at all. I think it will appear on _some_ car (maybe at the front windshield, like a VR goggles), or on a special model of a car.



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